Here at Roger Hall CPA, we are devoted to providing honest, high quality accounting services for all our clients. For four decades, our team has created a standard of the highest ethics.

We always put our clients' interests first. We step out of our way to give you an incredible experience. If you want information about taxes and other accounting practices, click here. And, feel free to contact Roger with any questions here.

Roger Hall CPA offers several accounting services. He provides income tax services, personal financial planning services, management and consulting services, and litigation support services. To find more thorough information about our services, click here.

Over 40 years of experience

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Audit and Accounting 

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Income Tax

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Other Practices

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"Our Clients are Family" - Roger Hall CPA

Roger Hall CPA consists of a professional yet friendly staff that effectively meets our clients needs. When you meet with Roger Hall, you will find a kind, educated, and friendly person who genuinely cares about your questions.

Roger Hall CPA focuses on your future. When he makes decision, he will make sure it affects your future for the better. He does not think about today but tomorrow. Roger and his team put both you and your future first. He offers services that can reach to you and your family a year, two years, or a decade from now.

Our accounting firm will stop at nothing to help our clients. We put them first in everything we do. Roger has put this attitude at the forefront of his mind since the day he created this company.  Contact the firm at (205) 879-0210or at You can also contact Roger using the button below.